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Pursuing Your Power

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Extraordinary people all have at least one great power that they have developed over the course of their lifetimes. This power becomes a kind of life blood that flows through their veins, invigorating everything they do. Perhaps it is encoded in their DNA. Perhaps it is encoded in their spirit, life purpose or predispositions. If […]



Here’s to the darkest month of the year on this northern hemisphere of Earth. Here’s to the cold that drives us inside together on winter nights. Here’s to the dull sun that mildly lights our days so that we can keep our eyes wide open without sunglasses as we prepare for a new year. Here’s […]

Strangers on the Road to Our More Important Destinations

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“Stranger” is a word that we use to describe the people around us whom we have yet to meet or know by name. The root of this word is another common word, “strange.” Doesn’t that seem strange in itself? Most of those people around us aren’t strange at all; they’re fellow citizens. They provide us […]