Pursuing Your Power

Extraordinary people all have at least one great power that they have developed over the course of their lifetimes. This power becomes a kind of life blood that flows through their veins, invigorating everything they do. Perhaps it is encoded in their DNA. Perhaps it is encoded in their spirit, life purpose or predispositions. If they take time to give their best to this power, they inevitably touch our world.

What great power is Michael Jordan known for? What about Michael Jackson? How will Mother Teresa’s power be remembered? Gandhi’s? Einstein’s? Jefferson’s? Has Maya Angelou’s power crossed your path yet? What about César Chávez’s? Thomas Edison’s? Anne Frank’s? Robin Williams’?

My power is communication. Ever since I was a young child, I’ve exalted in paying attention to other people, trying to hear what they were expressing, what they were showing of themselves to anyone who might wish to see them for who they are. I’ve also reveled in working to express myself with great care at times, great passion at others, trying to reveal with candor and authenticity those things that I value most and wish to share with others. I live to take complex yet valuable ideas, and turn them into simple understandings. Whether or not I have succeeded in this mission, communication is the power that drives my destiny. Through it, I hope to one day realize my own brand of extraordinary.

Have you recognized your own primary power in life? If you had unlimited time and resource to dedicate to something, what would that something be? How much time have you already spent dabbling in that something? Does anything keep you from giving it your all?

Michael Jordan could have failed. César Chávez could have failed. Some might argue that Anne Frank did fail, that Thomas Jefferson is all but forgotten by many of the people who run a nation that he once served to co-found.

Have you ever heard of Kimmy M.? She died as a child, hit by a car outside my elementary school. Kimmy lived to play with absolute abandon.  She is one of those heroes who touched my life, and maybe the lives of a few others. The ripples of her power will live on forever, because she had the guts to pursue that power.

Do you have the guts to pursue your own? If not, then what are your guts feeding?

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