The Story of Stories

Have you ever felt as if the stories you tell about your life somehow miss the true scope of what you have experienced during your days here on Earth? Have you ever felt as if the stories that others tell about you seem a bit more about themselves and their self-judgments than they are about you?

We are storytellers all, smallering the breadth of life experiences by encapsulating them into little chapters that script our beliefs about who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Our stories have a direct and tangible impact on how our futures unfold. Consider some common examples of stories that people tell about their lives:

I’m in the minority. I’m struggling. I’m unappreciated. I’m unemployed. I’m stuck in this job. I’m reaching for something better that is not yet in my grasp.

These stories serve to perpetuate our beliefs about what is possible for us. They shape our lives accordingly.

At this very moment, there are countless particles moving about inside you that give rise to the body that carries you through this world. They conform to the DNA in your cells, the experiences you have, the intentions you set for yourself, and the stories you tell about yourself.

When telling the story of your life, it is of great value to recognize and focus on the details that reveal or inspire an empowered unfolding of your being. Much like rewriting your own DNA, every aspect of your life and growth will emanate from the building blocks of your history—however you choose to tell it. This is not to suggest that you should deny or bury your mistakes, traumas or misfortunes, but rather, recognize and reveal them within an empowered context of a bigger picture.

What if right now you were unscripted and anything was possible for you and your loved ones? What new stories might you tell about where you are going? What actions might you take to see these stories through to fruition?

Are you taking any of these actions today? If not, why not?

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