The Stone Series (The Stone Series, Part III)

The User’s Guide To Being Human: The Art and Science of Self explores the extraordinary human capacities with which were were born, yet had little time to formally develop while we were busy acquiring knowledge in our modern system of education. For example, we sometimes hear the phrase, “most people only operate about about 4% of their intellectual capacity.” We laugh about it, then leave it at that. Hmmm.

What if it’s possible to increase that intellectual capacity with little effort? What if you merely need to understand how your intelligence operates in order to increase its effectiveness? The purpose of my book is to put people in direct control over the natural human capacities that affect the unfolding of our lives: intelligence, willpower, mind, imagination, creativity, focus, authenticity, actualization, love, emotion, communication, and so on.

I recently went into the desert of Joshua Tree California to photograph images that captured each of the 8 arts that my book explores. I found images in stone that suggested human qualities relating to those 8 arts. For example, the following image seemed to capture an important aspect of the Art of Authenticity that is central to our sense of life fulfillment.

Marianne Williamson once said, “it is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most.”

Most of us learn early on in life to suppress at least part of the truth about who we are. Wanting to be liked or admired, we create personas — social images, or ways of presenting ourselves in order to attract and impress others. We wear these personas like clothes when we are out in the world of people, and learn to leave them on even when we are alone. Over time, we tend to forget about our inner selves there beneath our personas. We grow confused about who we are, or what we really think and feel, or what we most wish to do with our lives. We partially shade ourselves in fear of how we might be received by others.

Authenticity is the art of living your truth without dressing it up or compromising it. By allowing your innermost self to shine through with power and purpose, you reveal your unique vision of what is most important in life. You grasp your deepest gifts and aptitudes, and use them to inspire and enrich the lives of others. Though you do not please everyone, your true self calls to those who admire most the qualities that you honestly stand for. As such, you attract people into your life with whom you naturally and dynamically resonate.

Do you sometimes shade yourself from the judgmental opinions of others? What affects does this shading have on you? Perhaps an exploration of the Art of Authenticity might help you to bring your true self out into the bright atmosphere of this earthy existence. If so, my own sense of purpose in life will be just a little bit more fulfilled. Perhaps yours will be too…

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