The Right To an Empowering Education (The Stone Series, Part VIII)

Black Elk, Sioux medicine man (1863-1950), once said, “Grown men can learn from very little children for the hearts of the little children are pure. Therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss.”

Why do many children now require medication as daily part of their education? Why do an alarming number of youths drop out of high school? Why do an increasing number of parents find that their five year-olds resist going to Kindergarten? Why do our kids tend to have significantly more homework than we had when we were their age, and thus less time to develop their own passions and personal talents? If compulsory education laws were established to support the rights of young learners, what do these unfortunate trends suggest about our success in fulfilling that mandate?

We are living in an age when more is known about child development than ever before. Yet if many of us were turned into children again and required to relive our schooling under the modern system, we would find that our education is now driven more by standardized programming and testing, and less by methods that support the developmental processes through which children naturally learn.

You parents and educators out there: do you believe that our modern educational test results speak to the true capacity of each child’s intrinsic human gifts? Would you agree that the development of mind and intelligence is less important than the passing geometry? Do you feel that the ability to solve problems is less important than the memorization of facts and achievement of high test scores? Are creativity and imagination less relevant in our age, deserving of the chopping block where modern schooling has placed them?

If you so, please let me send you a free copy of my book. You must agree in turn, however, to read it from cover to cover.

If not, and you wish to learn more about the extraordinary nature of the young human beings in your life, consider buying my book and reading it from cover to cover. Its purpose is to put people back in touch with the natural human gifts that modern school has lost sight of.

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