A Change of Wardrobe

Have you ever noticed that many of us have a tendency to spend a fair bit of time in clothes that other people designed? Some of these clothes we wear on our bodies. Some may include slogans—on tee shirts for example. Some we wear as attitudes and beliefs. Some we wear as agreed upon possibilities (or the lack thereof) for our potential and our lives’ fulfillment.

It goes without saying that other people’s designs can be wonderful gifts. Democracy serves as one such example. But some of the designs that we wear do not seem to serve us quite as well. They might be out of fashion. They might be overly binding to the unique spirit that each one of us would otherwise unfold in the world.

What is the impact of unconsciously wearing other people’s designs as we carry ourselves through our days? What if we got just a little bit more conscious about our own designs for our possibilities, or for how we wish to reveal ourselves to those who cross our paths?

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