The Fraud

At various point along my path I find myself feeling like a fraud. These moments usually come when serving in positions of leadership, or as a teacher, mentor, parent, or expert of some kind. I see people counting on me for something that I haven’t yet fully developed. I give one hundred percent of myself to fulfilling the expectation, try to keep smiling, but deep inside—usually beyond the bounds of my own conscious awareness—I feel like a little kid in big shoes that I have not yet learned to manage.

As I find myself placed in positions of greater authority, I come to realize that I am not alone in these feelings. I suspect that every president, queen, and king has felt this at times; every heroine and hero; every corporate executive and celebrity; every teacher and coach; every mom and dad. To evolve, we must sometimes step into situations that we are not yet fully capable of fulfilling. When we keep those new shoes on for long enough, however, we find our feet growing to meet that new capacity.

Here’s to the fraud in each of us—that he or she may persist long enough to become the real deal!

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