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The User’s Guide To Being Human and the programs of The User’s Guide LLC began growing inside author and founder Scott Miller when he was a child. Scott has always had a questioning mind. What was it that made some learning seem effortless and joyful while other learning could feel like irrelevant drudgery? Why did the most important lessons about life generally happen outside of school when this was supposed to be the center-point of one’s learning? Why did many people turn away from educational opportunities—even on topics of interest? What was it that tarnished so many people’s natural curiosity and willingness to learn?

Scott sought answers by becoming directly involved with children and schools. After receiving a pre-medical degree in human physiology, he became involved in the creation of primary and secondary schools both public and private. Through his various experiences in the field of education, he observed first-hand the myriad ways in which children naturally explored great mysteries about themselves, each other and the world they lived in. Often guided by the interests and talents of the children in his care, he found that every one of them had a voracious appetite for learning, growth and personal expansion. He began to recognize that education was not something that happened at school. It was something that happened inside each person—the child and the adult alike.

In his research, Scott began to notice the extraordinary capacities that enable all human beings to make things happen for themselves. He found it puzzling that these inner capacities were hardly if ever formally addressed by the current educational system. Stranger still, in many cases, these capacities are actually hindered or even suppressed by compulsory education, making it difficult for people to experience enthusiasm for life, to nourish connections with others, and to find deep meaning and purpose.

Scott has set out to address this flaw in the system at a societal level. In The User’s Guide To Being Human, he has created the book he himself might have read as a teen, the one that would have explained to him all about his inner wisdom and innate capacities—and then how to use them in an artful manner to create the life he most wished to lead. In writing the book, he was able to have just that experience. The User’s Guide To Being Human provides a deceptively simple users guide for the human consciousness, a guide anyone can use. It enables readers to profoundly shape their own lives by practicing the skills it teaches.

With his organization The User’s Guide LLC, Scott has created a mechanism to spread the User’s Guide principles far and wide, training facilitators and conducting classes and workshops that support life changing personal development for participants. A nonprofit organization will soon be created to put this User’s Guide material into as many hands as possible. Scott’s interest is in improving lives, one at a time, and thereby improving life for us all.

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