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The Art of Sculpting Your Life (The Stone Series, Part IV)


Michelangelo once said, “every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Each and every one of us is a sculptor of the most important kind. We chisel away at our lives with every action. The question is, to what extent are we conscious […]

Into the Light of Day

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In one day, the book project that I have spent the last five years developing is to be released online and in stores around the United States. In all honesty, I find myself rather nervous about the whole thing. How will it be received? It’s like sending my child out to his first day of […]

The Story of Stories

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Have you ever felt as if the stories you tell about your life somehow miss the true scope of what you have experienced during your days here on Earth? Have you ever felt as if the stories that others tell about you seem a bit more about themselves and their self-judgments than they are about […]

Sailing the Seas of Prosperity


What if prosperity is not something to be sought out there in the future? What if it is a frame of mind that enables us to tap an abundance of possibilities that are always flowing within and around us? I’ve recently discovered a remarkably simple way to hoist a kind of inner sail into the […]

Unfolding Our Vast Potential


How do you realize a dream? How do you make the most of the capacities available to you? How do you find fulfillment in contributing your best to others and the world that we share?

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